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December 15, 2011
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Plush Dragon vore- commission by AnothernewguyonDA

Maria Screamed! This was exactly what she wanted! She didn't care about the Play Station she got, nor the Guitar. She held up a little Pink stuffed Dragon. It was the best present in the world to her! Her Christmas was the successful because of this!

A few hours later...

The family had all gone home with all their gifts, and their stomachs full of food. Maria was already asleep with her little plush dragon, taking it to dreamland with her.

She dreamt that they were in a pretty forest, and she smiled. She hugged her little plush dragon, but stopped when she heard a meep. She looked at her little stuffed toy, and was surprised to see a living breathing dragon! She gasped, and it jumped out of her hand, growing to about her size. Maria smiled, and hugged her new dragon, and it purred.

"Hello Maria." the Dragon said.

"Yay! You can talk too!" she squealed.

The dragon nodded "yes I can."

"Yay!" Maria squealed again. "Now we can play all sorts of games!"

"I have a game we can play." The dragon said.

"Really?" Maria asked. "what's it like?"

The dragon smiled. "Why don't I just show you?"

"OK." Maria said. The dragon walked up to her, and licked her face. Maria giggled, and smiled, hugging her friend. The dragon murred, and licked again, opening its maw. Maria tilted her head, and looked into the mouth, and giggled again. The dragon took a step forward, and closed its maw around her head. Maria eeped, but giggled, not really scared.

The dragon murred, and fit Maria's shoulders in too, swallowing her head. Maria wiggled, wondering what sort of game was this. The dragon murred, and swallowed Maria's shoulders, lifting her up, and bathing her tummy in saliva. Maria giggled, and her head popped out into a strange pouch.

The dragon purred, and swallowed Maria's tummy, and started to suck in her legs. Maria slid into the stomach, which grew around her so that she was not squished. The dragon smiled, and licked the girl's feet before swallowing them too.

Maria watched her feet enter the small room in her dragon. "That was fun! What do you call this game?"

The dragon smiled, and licked its bloated belly. "I call it dinner, but you can call it a safe place."
Maria smiled. "If that's dinner, then you must be a hungry sort of dragon. I know! I'll call you hungry!"

Hungry the dragon smiled. "Thank you, Maria... now I'm afraid I have some bad news"

"What?" Maria asked.

"You have to wake up now... but I'll see you tomorrow night, I promise." Hungry said.

"Ok..." Maria said. She closed her eyes, feeling comfy inside Hungry. She opened her eyes to find herself in her bed. She got up, and looked at her little pink plush dragon. "Thank you, Hungry!" she said, hugging the plushie.

The end.
this is a commission by :devanothernewguyatda:

ok, request one, done. the original request was for a plush dragon shrinking and eating its owner, but i thought it would work better if the dragon grew. sorry if you get mad ^^;.
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she didn't care about the 300-400 dollar playstation nor the 700 dollar guitar but a plushy....
say wut now?
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