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August 10, 2011
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Metal stood behind a small wall, waiting for his moment to strike. It has been three years since that Dragon saved his life, and he had made the best of them. He had given up being a mercenary, and had pledged his service to a nearby kingdom. He had searched the mountains for that dragon several times, to thank her, but he had never found her again.

Metal shook his head, bringing himself to the present. He had been asked to liberate this church from the hands of a ruthless gang leader. The mission called for stealth, so it was just him and another knight going into battle. Waiting, Metal smelled the wind. They had just lit their fire, meaning that they were going to relax for the night. They hadn't planned on Metal sticking his sword in their plans.

Metal watched carefully as the last of their guards went to bed. He motioned for his ally to follow, and he crept down to the chapel door. He opened it, then shouted a battle cry as he raised his weapon and charged.


Metal panted with effort as he fought for his life. He had killed all of the gang, and had turned to the leader, just in time to see him stick his sword into the unconscious body of his teammate. "NO!" he had shouted before attacking the leader. They had fought for a good half an hour, and Metal was getting tired.

The gang leader parried, and then managed to cut several deep gashes in Metal's side. Metal was losing blood now, he fell to his knees, dropping his weapon. The leader raised his blade to lay the final blow, when, with a loud crash, the roof of the chapel exploded.

Metal's friend, the dragoness, swooped in and grabbed the gang leader in her jaws. She shook her head violently, making the gang leader lose consciousness. She then pulled the man in, and swallowed him, a large lump in her throat appeared and went slowly down to her chest, where it disappeared. She turned to Metal, saw that he was wounded, and reached over with her mighty jaws.

She gently picked him up, and slowly ate him too. He lay in her mouth, enjoying the warmth of her breath. She gently licked his wounds, pouring saliva all over them. Metal grimaced with pain, but he knew that the saliva would clean out his wounds, and prevent infection. She then used her tongue to push him down her throat.

He felt the familiar pressure of her throat muscles as they pushed him down her throat. After a few minutes. He finally came out in her stomach, and lay against the soft, pink flesh of her belly. He listened to her heartbeat, and slowly fell asleep to its rhythmic beating.

Hours later, Metal woke up, still in the Dragoness's stomach. He looked at his wounds, and noticed that they weren't all gone, but had mostly healed over. He then realized that the gang leader wasn't in there with him. "Umm... Ms. Dragon?" he yelled, not sure she could hear him.

"Yes?" He heard her reply.

"What happened to the man you swallowed before me?" he asked. "And the man wearing armour similar to mine?"

"The man I swallowed before you went into the stomach that I digest food in; I would imagine that he is nothing but bones now." She said. "And the other, he has succumbed to his wounds, I'm afraid."

Metal was glad to hear that his mission was complete, but he cried for the loss of his friend. His friend was the only one he had trusted after being betrayed on the job. He cried till the warmth of her stomach, and the beating of her heart put him to sleep once more.

The next day, Metal woke up in the barracks of the castle he was in service to. He quickly got dressed in his best suit of armour, and presented himself to the king. He reported all that had happened in the battle (Not including the part where he was eaten himself).

The king looked at Metal. "I applaud you for your service to the kingdom." He said. "And rest assured, your friend will have a burial fit for a king." The king dismissed Metal, and he went back to the barracks to get some more sleep. He only regretted not thanking the Dragon for saving his life again.
the third vore story i have written. I thank minou212 for his advice, and everyone who has ever read or viewed any of my work, it is you guys that keep me writing. please note that there is violence in this story.
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the next 1 will be good
mtealshock Aug 18, 2011  Student Writer
Ya probably ;)
great story so far.
mtealshock Aug 11, 2011  Student Writer
Thank you! :)
mtealshock Aug 11, 2011  Student Writer
Thank you! :):)
best way to improve writing skills is to read other storys and recive feedback. the story is short and interesting which is good for short storys since we wont realy care about character developement, but for series its important to expresse character relation ships and how the main character changes throughout the story.

the fact that ur wrting often and responding to my comments means u are very active on deviantart. keep up the good work i hope to see more of ur literature

il continue to read ur storys and review them
mtealshock Aug 11, 2011  Student Writer
Thank you! :):):):):):):):) ;)
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